”Dekker Industrial Design is your design partner” 

Dekker Industrial Design specializes in customer-oriented solutions in the field of engineering, product solutions and styling. In addition to standardized AV solutions such as; Dekker Industrial also designs many customized DID kiosks, tablet housings and mounting solutions.

Product development

The team at D.I.D. is working every day to improve existing products and develop new products.



DID kiosks 10 – 32” designed for retail, receptions and trade shows.

Design Mounting

D.I.D. delivers advan stylish enclosures. No cables, plug and play, accessible service.




Our team is ready to advise you on technical and/or design matters.

Full Colour logo print

The DID Kiosks can be personalized with full color logo prints.

Personalized design

Dekker Industrial Design offers a personalized custom design

What can we do for you?

Our assortment

Dekker Industrial Design offers a complete range of stylish solutions.

Smart mount solution

Introducing the DID Mounting Solutions.

Designfull and intelligent mounting applications. No cables, easy (plug-and-play) installation and accessible for service.


”You never get a second change to make a first impression”.
The DID kiosks are stylishly designed and can be customized according to customer needs.

AV Engineering

In addition to Kiosks and Mounting solutions, Dekker Industrial specializes in engineering (AV) automation solutions.
Dekker Industrial is involved from the concept phase to delivery.  

Dealer network

Dekker Industrial works together with dealers. This makes it possible to switch quickly with stocks and forecasts. This keeps the high quality and design affordable and profitable.



Uw Design partner

Please make appointments by e-mail at the address below:

Mail — info@dekkerindustrialdesign.nl

“Dekker Industrial Design aims for a customer-oriented technical solution in a continuously developing market. In addition to improving and standardizing our fixed product range, Dekker Industrial is working hard on developing new products. In 2023, we will focus in particular on developing new stylish and innovative Mounting Solutions.”

Thijs Dekker (CEO)

”Bringing vision to life”

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